My Chinese Tree House

Our After-School Program

My Chinese TreeHouse is a tutoring program that assists our students with their daily homework, quizzes and tests. We strive to support each and every child's need, in daily learning at school and to help with their homework in Chinese, Math and English, with an emphasis on Chinese.

We value our students' academic achievements, therefore our goal is to support and help them maintain excellent levels of Chinese. In addition, we also endeavor to improve their levels of Chinese.

In order to achieve our goal, we have set a minimum of days for attending our school to 3 days a week. We have done this so that our students have enough time, working with our teachers to make progress that is efficient, and to ensure their learning is effective.

Consequently, we are not akin to a daycare where children are dropped off and hardly do anything academically.

Note to Parents

Teachers and parents communicating with one another consistently, is key to our students’ success in learning.

Attending the My Chinese TreeHouse After-School program is quite a commitment. We assure you that your child will have a unique, challenging and fun experience this school year, that will make him or her, feel passionate about the Chinese language and its culture!

Please contact us as often as you’d like regarding your child’s learning.